Christmas Eve 2013 Sermon

Christmas Eve – 2013
Highly indebted to Pastor Eric Burtness for allowing use of his sermon:
Joseph’s Story:  A Christmas Sermon
I used some long portions of this (especially about Joseph’s prayer and our own wondering and questioning God’s plan- and the stats about hymns), but fit it into my theme of “Do not be afraid – God is with you.” I also attribute the concept of accepting God’s favor to Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber and her sermon “And a Soul Felt Its Worth: a Sermon on an Overlooked Miracle.” Lastly – I incorporated some of David Lose’s thoughts on the Matthew text commentary on “Dear Working Preacher,” especially in reminding us of the reality of Mary and Joseph’s emotions after hearing the news of Mary’s pregnancy.
I confess, this sermon is mostly tying their ideas/words together to enhance my focus on letting go of fear and believing the word of favor God has for us, revealed in the person of Jesus. I did not verbally attribute all during the sermon, but want to make sure my sources are acknowledged when I post it on my blog and on the church Facebook page. A footnoted copy of the sermon can be found here. Thanks to all preachers who share their insights – giving new life to familiar texts.


Sermon for Advent 3 – Dec. 15, 2013

Sermon for Advent 3 – Dec. 15, 2013

Advent Conspiracy – Worship Fully, Spend Less and today – Give More


Christ the King Sermon

Christ the King Sermon

Sermon given at Salem Lutheran on November 24, 2013

Blogging Again

I have been on hiatus since graduation from Luther Seminary. I hope to begin writing here again. At the least, I will post my sermons for those in the congregation who are interested in listening when they are unable to make to worship on Sunday. The first three months as a new pastor have kept me pretty busy, and I’m sure to become even busier as Advent draws closer. At some point perhaps I can resurrect my online Bible study page as well.


PS – while I was away, I guess WordPress began using advertisements to their “free” websites. So – if you see ads, they are not related to this blog or its writer.


Sermon for Reformation Sunday

Sermon for Reformation Sunday

Salem Lutheran – October 27, 2013